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Questions to Ask Breeders

When buying a puppy from a dog breeder, it's essential to ask several questions to ensure that you are getting a healthy, well-bred, and well-socialised dog. Here are some important questions to ask a dog breeder:

  1. Can I see the parents? Meeting the puppy's parents can give you insights into the puppy's potential temperament and health.

  2. Can you provide references from previous puppy buyers? Speaking with people who have purchased puppies from the breeder can help you gauge their satisfaction and the health of their dogs.

  3. What is the breed's standard and characteristics? Ensure that the breeder is knowledgeable about the breed's characteristics, temperament, and specific care requirements.

  4. Can you show me health clearances for the puppy's parents? Ask for proof of health screenings for common breed-specific health issues, such as hip and elbow dysplasia, eye conditions, and heart problems.

  5. Has the puppy been vaccinated and dewormed? Request the puppy's vaccination and deworming records to ensure they are up to date.

  6. What kind of socialisation has the puppy received? A well-socialised puppy is more likely to grow up to be a well-adjusted adult dog.

  7. What is the puppy's diet and feeding schedule? Knowing what the puppy has been eating can help you plan its diet once you bring it home.

  8. Can you provide a written contract or health guarantee? A reputable breeder should offer a contract outlining the terms of the sale and any health guarantees.

  9. Are there any specific care instructions or recommendations for this breed? Different breeds may have unique care requirements, so it's important to be well-informed.

  10. Can you provide information on the puppy's pedigree? A pedigree can help you understand the lineage and potential genetic traits of the puppy.

  11. What is the puppy's age and when can I take it home? Puppies should be at least eight weeks old before leaving their mother and littermates.

  12. Do you have any questions for me? A responsible breeder may also ask you questions to ensure that you are a suitable and responsible pet owner.

Remember that responsible breeders prioritise the health and well-being of their dogs, and they should be willing to answer all your questions and provide documentation to back up their claims. Be wary of breeders who are evasive or unwilling to provide this information. Additionally, consider adopting from a rescue as an alternative to buying from a breeder to help provide homes for dogs in need.

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