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7 Benefits to Settle Mats

Kaiba on Blue Star Settle Mat

Settle mats play a crucial role in dog training by providing a designated space for dogs to relax and focus during training sessions. Here's how settle mats can help with dog training:

  • Promotes Relaxation: Settle mats offer a comfortable and inviting surface for dogs to rest, encouraging relaxation and calmness. This is especially beneficial during training sessions that require prolonged focus or when teaching dogs to relax in various environments.

  • Creates Boundaries: Placing a settle mat in specific areas of the home or when out in public establishes boundaries for the dog. It teaches them where they should settle down and encourages them to stay in one place, reducing distractions and promoting better focus on training activities.

  • Teaches Self-Control: Using settle mats as part of training routines teaches dogs self-control and impulse management. By rewarding them for remaining calm and settled on the mat, dogs learn to regulate their behaviour and resist the urge to wander or become overly excited.

  • Strengthens Obedience Training: Settle mats can be incorporated into obedience training exercises such as "stay" and "down-stay." Placing the mat in a designated spot and reinforcing the behaviour of staying on the mat helps dogs understand and obey these commands more effectively.

  • Supports Socialisation: Settle mats are portable, making them perfect for outings to cafes, parks, or other public places. By bringing their settle mat along, dogs learn to settle in different environments and become more comfortable and well-behaved in social settings.

  • Reduces Anxiety: For dogs prone to anxiety or overstimulation, settle mats offer a safe and familiar space where they can retreat and relax. Using the mat consistently during training helps dogs associate it with feelings of comfort and security, reducing stress and anxiety levels over time. It's important to advocate for your dog when on their settle mat in public and not let strangers approach.

  • Enhances Bonding: Incorporating settle mats into training sessions strengthens the bond between dogs and their owners. By providing a comfortable space where dogs can relax and receive positive reinforcement, owners can deepen their connection and trust with their dog.

Overall, settle mats are valuable tools in dog training that promote relaxation, focus, obedience, and emotional well-being. By incorporating settle mats into your training routine, you can help your dog become a well-behaved, confident, and contented companion.

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